Very bad accessory glitch

So I came across one issue that just doesn’t make sense to me. For awhile I just had a hat, so I didn’t see any issues, until I wore a bunch of random accessories I had to test my code to see if it works. But for some reason, even if I have a regular r6 blocky dummy named “StarterCharacter” in starterPlayer and I apply the users humanoid description, I get this. In the glitched one, all accessories are attached to the head.


default r6 blocky dummy named StarterCharacter:


the same thing as the blocky dummy in the normal screenshot

heres the code:

another note

the big list of description stuff doesn’t matter for now, you can see it applies hum3, which is the exact same as the user


			local user = player.UserId --defines userid as ID of player who spawned
				--local turne = character.turne
		local char = player.Character
		local dc1 = game.Players:GetHumanoidDescriptionFromUserId(user)
		local dc2 ="HumanoidDescription")
		dc2.Face = dc1.Face
		dc2.Pants = dc1.Pants
		dc2.Shirt = dc1.Shirt
		dc2.HatAccessory = dc1.HatAccessory
		dc2.GraphicTShirt = dc1.GraphicTShirt
		dc2.BackAccessory = dc1.BackAccessory
		dc2.FaceAccessory = dc1.FaceAccessory
		dc2.FrontAccessory = dc1.FrontAccessory
		dc2.WaistAccessory = dc1.WaistAccessory
		dc2.HeadColor = dc1.HeadColor
		dc2.LeftArmColor = dc1.LeftArmColor
		dc2.LeftLegColor = dc1.LeftLegColor
		dc2.RightLegColor = dc1.RightLegColor
		dc2.RightArmColor = dc1.RightArmColor
		dc2.BodyTypeScale = dc2.BodyTypeScale
		local hum3 = game.Players:GetHumanoidDescriptionFromUserId(user)