Very bright lighting and materials disruption

Hi, this bug report is coming from an iPad Pro.

There are new materials on roblox which are applied on PC, but not mobile. These non-existing materials on mobile create a very bright blinding material instead.

Some of our players have already found this distributive to their gameplay. This seems to only happen on low graphics in the settings.

There’s also another issue where it suddenly gets bright around. Again, these only apply for mobile devices. The graphics for this issue is near mid-high and also disruptive. I will attach images below.


(Example materials: Asphalt, Pavement)
(Issue found on: iPad Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max)
(Repro place: Place.rbxl (44.8 KB))


Thank you for your feedback, we will investigate. Perhaps the simplest workaround for now is to remove those materials.


Any update on this yet? Most of our players are mobile players, which also affects the games rating. The lighting issues also seems to disappear once global shadows are disabled.

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The fix is in the pipeline, but it may take few weeks to be rolled out.

Currently MaterialService is still in beta and only enabled on PC/Mac Client. We are in the process of rolling it out to more platforms. This mean playing game with MaterialService features on unsupported platforms may cause artifacts.

We generally don’t advise to use beta feature on fully published/released games since there might still be some issues. However, in this case, you can either remove the materials causing issue or limit your game to PC/Mac.

Note that we are working hard to get Material Service released as soon as possible so it can be used widely in all platforms. Thank you for your understanding and patience.


We currently reset materials back to their original from (concrete) for users with a touch-screen enabled.

However, this doesn’t exactly answer the 2nd issue with the lighting randomly exploding. A workaround for this was found by turning the global shadows off, but that’s our current known one.

Well this is very much related…

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I have also been getting comments that this issue is only visible on Apple devices? Not sure how true it is, but it seems like it is.

Material Service has been released in mid 2022. This should no longer be an issue. Let us know if you still experience this. Thanks.

No, this is no longer an issue with the experience. Thank you for the support!

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