Very commonly used SFX, where do they come from!?

Hi! I very avidly play & create ROBLOX experiences, so naturally, I’ve noticed a lot of reccurring and common sound effects, such as the following:

If you have any idea where these sound effect libraries are, please tell me!
I’ve tried googling but it comes to now prevail, I’ve seen the one-shot sfx library, but I don’t really see those sfx as much as I see these.

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Probably from the audio library. You can filter them by bestselling, see if that gets you anything.

This is what I’ve been trying but since a large portion of sounds on the library are music and another portion just aren’t that high-quality, paired with sounds being quite un-nameable (see the first sound, it could be under many different names like: ‘Get Item’ or ‘Level up’ or maybe something like ‘Achievement unlock’).

I’m also looking for the sound effects… Although I’ve found some people that has alot of sound effects like from gpo’s, guns, etc. like thienbao2109

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Yeah GPO uses these sounds too but I can’t be bothered to get clips from it.

You can find some of the sfx that gpo used for levelling up, getting items, etc. from thienbao219’s profile.
Though I’m not sure if it’s free to use. Eitherway, I’m still looking for the SFX where u receive the colgate on get a snack at 4am

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I currently happen to be going through their audio inventory now lol!

I found some of them !!!

Fail SFX? - (Invalid audio) - Roblox
Door Open - Door open - Roblox
Pickup Money - Paper SFX - Roblox
Text Noise - OneShot - Text - Roblox
Get Item - New Item - Roblox

Still not sure about the dash noise tho


Oh gosh! The get item noise, thank you so much! Goodluck finding the dash noise have a great day.