Very long post containing LOTS of free SFX on the library

It’s in the title

This is literally just a really long bulleted list full of lots of sfx.
A criticism that could be made is that the audio library has these sounds!!! well yes, but the names can be arbitrary and you don’t always know what keywords to search, additionally, very few sounds are actually high-quality.

The list

I’ll add more later, feel free to comment more sfx’s to add!


Got any that would fit a pickaxe hitting stone?

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This will be extremely useful to all developers, definitely continue to update this! :grin:


I’m sceptical about these for copyright reasons. Right off the bat, I can see, “Ralsei Talking Sound”, is ripped from Deltarune and according to the comments, “Click”, is from Zelda (you know how Nintendo is about copyright). While it’s incredibly unlikely anyone would do you over for this, it happens (look at Roblox’s battle for the OOF sound).
Also, it undermines your own game if you use assets made for other games.


Yeah Imma get rid of potentially copyrighted sfx