[VERY New to Lua] Utilizing Getchildren

Hey! I’m relatively new to scripting [I’ve just learned extreme basics over scanning through other’s scripts, and I’m mainly a builder, so it’s a bit foreign to me.]
I’m currently trying to learn lua, and I’m working on a script that can open a door by making the parts transparent.
The script here is currently working, and I’m not having issues with it- However, I’m looking for a way to save time instead of constantly listing all parts.
I know there’s a thing called Getchildren, however I’m not completely sure how to use it. (Again, complete and total noobie.)

local isOn = true

function on()
isOn = true
script.Parent.door1.CanCollide = true
script.Parent.door1.Transparency = 0
script.Parent.handle3.CanCollide = true
script.Parent.handle3.Transparency = 0
script.Parent.handle4.CanCollide = true
script.Parent.handle4.Transparency = 0
script.Parent.poster1.CanCollide = true
script.Parent.poster1.Transparency = 0
script.Parent.poster1.decal1.Transparency = 0

function off()
isOn = false
script.Parent.door1.CanCollide = false
script.Parent.door1.Transparency = 1
script.Parent.handle3.CanCollide = false
script.Parent.handle3.Transparency = 1
script.Parent.handle4.CanCollide = false
script.Parent.handle4.Transparency = 1
script.Parent.poster1.CanCollide = false
script.Parent.poster1.Transparency = 1
script.Parent.poster1.decal1.Transparency = 1

function onClicked()

if isOn == true then off() else on() end




Really sorry about this !! I don’t want to be a bother at all, so I’m kinda scared to ask this because I know the answer’s going to be extremely simple, and I’ll probably look a bit dumb.
Any help would be appriciated though !! :upside_down_face:

GetChildren returns all children of a instance in a table, to utilize it do something like this:

local children = Model:GetChildren()

for i,v in pairs(children) do
 --your code, v is the children

For more information about it, check the Developer Article out!


Ah, thank you !! I’ve mostly used the devforums on mobile, and didn’t even see that the API reference existed. I really appreciate that !! :>

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Also just a side note for your future scripting endeavors:

GetChildren() gets the immediate children of whatever instance you’re looking at it. For example - game.Workspace.Frame:GetChildren() would allow me to reference all of these: image

However, you can also use GetDescendants() to essentially get all of the children of every child within whatever instance you use GetDescendants with. For example - game.Workspace.Frame:GetDescendants() would allow me to reference all of these without having to use GetChildren on each respective instance within my big parent/ancestor Frame instance.

Hope that was helpful as well!


Quick formatting tip:

Use three back ticks ``` to start and end a code block to help make your script more readable. For example:

function hello()
print( ‘hello’ )


function hello()
    print( 'hello' )

Hope that helps if you ever need any future support here :slightly_smiling_face:

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