Very Realistic Police Motorcycle chapter 2

Here is another very realistic and high-quality motorcycle. Basically, that’s all for now, I need to take a break from work, as I’m very tired. I’ll probably be back in a week, good luck everyone!


You could do that with roblox’s verticies count limit?

It’s late here so I’m not going into discussion, but trust me buddy. I’m not jealous, and I do have the skills to make models. Even better than this quality. So please, everyone can see it’s an import.

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Wow! It’s even better than first police motorcycle. Great job :+1:

You are the only one here trying to prove that I imported this, but you cannot support your empty accusations with any evidence. If you weren’t envious, you wouldn’t write this nonsense to me)))

Thank you! I also like this motorcycle better than the second one, thanks for the review!:heart:

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May I see the topology of the model?

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Looks great. If I had to give criticism, I would say that the “pole” connecting to the rear ELS (emergency lighting system) looks flimsy.

Once again, I can’t complain about anything other than that. This is truly well done. I would have to say that my favorite thing is the exhaust or the way the seat is smoothly integrated.

I also understand why you are burnt… this looks like it takes a long time. You could definitely make a brand out of this if you wanted to. It makes me wonder… what else can you make? Cars? Helicopters?

Wow! This looks almost exactly the same as this GTA mod bike model! What an incredible likeness.

This is true! I was inspired by this motorcycle because it was one of the most normal examples of what a motorcycle should look like.