Very Strange Girl Torso Cage (Layered Clothing)

Reproduction Steps

All you do is try on any 1.0 layered clothing on the catalog with this Bundle
ROBLOX Girl - Roblox

The top image is with just only the default 1.0 rig, no added on limbs, torso or head

The Bottom Image is with the ROBLOX Girl Torso

Expected Behavior

What’s supposed to happen is that the layered clothing should wrap around the limbs and torso smoothly without bizarre spikes or strange deformities occurring

Actual Behavior

What happens here is despite the torso being very similar to just the default torso, it causes every limb of the body to look incredibly janky due to the torso being put on, This torso should only affect the layered clothing cage minimally since its so similar to the default 1.0 torso that many people use. It’s as if the cage of this package is incredibly messed up and may need to be redone


Unfortunately, no

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Other
Impact: High
Frequency: Constantly


Hello and thank you for reaching out and reporting an issue. We have tried to reproduce it and were not able to. Would you be able to share an rbxl file that demonstrate the issue? That will help us a lot in finding a resolution.

Thank you for our patience and support!

for ingame reference this is what this layered clothing accessory looks like ingame with a girl torso

And this is what it looks like with the regular blocky torso

You’ll see with this studio file that even with other 1.0 caged clothing pieces the 1.0 girl torso tends to make the arms, legs and especially the torso all jumbled and distorted despite the torso being very similar to the regular 1.0 torso… Make sure you put the clothing pieces on individually when checking this out.
Girl Torso Bug.rbxl (136.4 KB)

So this is because the 1.0 layered clothing cage isnt an officially supported cage by roblox. It’s the result of some creative workarounds. While many of us UGC creators are trying to find a female 1.0 setup, we havent had any luck.