VERY URGENT Cannot play or edit animations

The method just takes an AnimationClip (aka a KeyframeSequence or CurveAnimation object) and returns a temporary ID that you can use in the Animation.AnimationId property.

You could do something like this, assuming you know how to play animations:

local animationClipProvider = game:GetService("AnimationClipProvider")
local keyframeSequence = workspace.Rig.AnimSaves["Untitled Animation Clip"]
local id = animationClipProvider:RegisterAnimationClip(keyframeSequence)

local animation ="Animation")
animation.AnimationId = id

(This code expects a KeyframeSequence named “Untitled Animation Clip” to be located under Workspace.Rig.AnimSaves. Obviously you’d replace this with the actual location of yours.)


This is happening to me. I am getting this error on new animations that were uploaded today. I have also been getting this error on other, older animations for the past several weeks.

Failed to load animation - sanitized ID: rbxassetid://15467619998

I have also been getting this error for the past few weeks almost every time I enter game:

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I Might Try Fight For It To Go Back To The Normal Method Since This Is SO BAD I Made a Test Anim Yesterday And I’m Still Waiting for It Today.

I was just trying to make a first person view model for the first time, but I was running into this error. All this time I thought it was me and I was lowkey getting really frustrated. I feel kinda relieved if I could attribute my time toiling to a bug/bad moderation update rather than my own mistakes, but at the same time it would be kind of annoying just for the time wasted.

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This needs fixing ASAP.

It’s starting to become tedious and heavily effect my workflow and content updates.


When uploading my animation it was failing to do so spitting 502 error. and now it doesnt even play the animation.

I would like to link my post to this and mention that uploading to a group that you own seems to be a workaround while this is going on.

This is being worked on, sorry for the wait.

The issue should resolve itself on its own soon (within hours), the root cause was not actually moderation but an internal processing queue getting very backed up. The capacity has been fixed and once the queue clears you should see the normal behavior again.

We’re also considering some code changes which would avoid the problem entirely.


Update, this should be resolved now. Let us know if you see any further issues.


Still getting it

Still having the sanitisation issue.
It seems to be cycling through all the animations in the game, like today its group 1 animation breaking, tomorrow it is group 2 or group 3

I own the game and all animations inside.

I use Humanoid.Animator to load animations

To follow up: We’re implementing an additional fix that should fully prevent this.

After the fix it’ll still be possible to get the error if you’re legitimately missing a permission but it should either always succeed or always fail. The fix may or may not be turned on before the holiday, I’ll follow up when it is.

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The additional fix is enabled.

Let us know if you see any further issues, hopefully the answer is actually no this time around!

Using Humanoid Animator to load them :pensive:

Are these animations where they always fail or ones where they sometimes fail / sometimes succeed sporadically?

these always fail


The fix is for sporadic failures.

Are you sure the place actually has permission to use the animation? That’s also the message you’ll get if you don’t have permission.

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yes they were made in the place, so I assume they have the correct permissions, but I’ll check just in case.

Edit: they didn’t :skull:

If it’s a group place make sure you’re publishing the animations under the group and not under your account, you being in the group won’t transitively give the the place permission to your animations.

For anyone checking right now, your animations may not be working because it’s holiday break and my animations seem to be stuck waiting for moderation to approve it ( I assume the same thing is happening to others).