Very Very VERY Barebones Titan Shift Thing

Hello all,

I’ve just made a very very VERY barebones titan shifting script (tool activated) and would appreciate any feedback given to me. Keep in mind this is like my first time programming anything in a little over a year (those initial attempts never got far!)
Thanks in advance, and don’t go too hard on me lol
Barebones Titan Shift
P.S. I know the integrated roblox recorder is bad, I’m just too lazy to use NVidia Reflex.


no effects what so ever i suggest tweening the players size

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Yeah, I plan on working on effects soon. What’s tweening though? I’ve heard mentions of it but was never really told what it means.

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tweening means to make something do a specific task smoothly example

lets say we have a part called A we want it to go to point B we can do this by setting its position but that would make it go to point B in a millisecond so to make it go to point B without making it go to it in a millisecond we use tween example code:

local Instance = script.Parent -- Directory To Object That You Want To Tween
local TS = game:GetService("TweenService")
local Info = -- 1 is second
local Goal = {Position = B} -- change B to a Vector3 / you can change position to any property and B to any value
local T = TS:Create(Instance,Info,Goal)

Right, so I was able to create some VFX that I believe would go good with it. I’m just not sure how I would make the tool trigger this to happen.
Here’s what it looks like.

I suggest also adding particles such as sparks and smoke to the animation and also a glow underneath the player.

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If you’ve ever tried to animate, it’s like that but through a script