VeryRBLX - Builder

VeryRBLX - Builder

I’m VeryRBLX. I’m a builder ready to build for you. I primarily build more realistic buildings, however my building variety ranges further than just realism.

What They’re Saying


Payment Options

Prices vary depending on the task given. The starting price is 10k Robux, or $35 USD for a small project (~1-2 weeks to complete), 50k Robux, or $175 USD for a medium-sized project (~2 weeks-1 month to complete), or 100k Robux, or $350 USD for a large-sized project (1+ months to complete). Prices are negotiable, however. I will not work on a commission without some form of upfront payment

I reserve the right to decline working on a project.

Contact Methods

Discord (Preferred): VeryRBLX#9539
Twitter: @VeryRBLX