Vesteria is hiring a monster animator! Help us breathe life into our monsters!

The Vesteria Team is looking for an animator who specializes in creating rigs for and animating animals and monsters with multi-jointed limbs.

What is Vesteria?

Vesteria is an open-world fantasy RPG being developed by @berezaa, @Polymorphic and @sk3let0n at Roblox HQ for the Incubator program . We’re building tons of awesome monsters and need your help making them come to life!


Please inquire about payment in your application.

We are building the premiere fantasy RPG on Roblox, and as our monster animator you will be credited in-game as a contributor, ranked in our communities, and given in-game goodies and status.


If you are interested in joining our team, send an application and portfolio over to Make sure to include what job you are applying for in the email header.

Take your time making your application as detailed as possible.

Please make sure to include:

  • Your age (in case hiring you as a full-time employee becomes an option)
  • Projects you’ve worked on
  • As many gifs/videos you can provide of animations you’ve created. The more the better!

What you can also include:

  • Your experience playing fantasy or RPG games
  • Anything else you’ve made that you want to show off.

On behalf of the entire Vesteria team, we’re looking forward to seeing your application and talking further!



We’re still actively searching for an awesome animator whos capable of working with more complicated non humanoid monsters. If you know anyone, send them our way!


Hey I sent an email about the application!

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I have sent an email regarding the application.

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@Erythia - You should apply, you’d probably make it! :slight_smile:

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I did just to see, seems someone else got hired though haha :yum:

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Aww, you would have done such a good job! :frowning:

My Carbonmade Portifolio, mix of old and new stuff there. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Would apply, but it has spiders. :fearful:


That’s some real cool stuff you got there, good luck.

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