Vesteria is hiring builders! Help us shape the biggest fantasy world on Roblox



The Vesteria Team is looking for talented low-poly modelers to join our team of asset builders!

What is Vesteria?

Vesteria is an open-world fantasy RPG being developed by @berezaa, @Polymorphic and @sk3let0n at Roblox HQ for the Incubator program. We’re building a massive world and need your help to make it come to life with NPC’s, monsters, props and equipment!

What you will be making

Vesteria has a very unique style, so we’re looking for builders who can match our theme and build in one or more of these categories:


We need builders who can design high-quality low-poly swords, daggers, staffs, armor and clothing in the following style:


The world of Vesteria is filled with rich NPCs. Some of them give you quests, some sell special items, some protect cities and others offer helpful advice or even silly jokes. We need your help making our world come to life by designing characters in this style:


Probably the hardest category, we’re looking for talented modelers who can design and create monsters in the unique low-poly style of our game:


We pay our contractors in Robux at the end of every month based on how much content they have produced. Anyone who produces a satisfactory amount of content for the game will recieve enough payment to qualify for the Developer Exchange, assuming they pass Roblox’s moderation check.

We primarily use a contractor model because we have difficulty maintaining our theme, but we are looking for a full-time builder. If you’re someone who can consistently nail our theme with a quick turnaround, we can negotiate a higher rate with you, and maybe even a full-time in-person salaried job :eyes: (assuming you are 18+)

For professional blender modelers who find this posting off of Roblox, we are open to paying in USD.

You’re welcome to contact me personally to inquire further about payment, or to mention it in your application, but we won’t be posting anything publicly as pay will vary based on your ability to nail our theme, the type of assets you create, and your reliability. Every team member’s pay will also increase when the game releases.


If you are interested in joining our team, send an application and portfolio over to

Take your time making your application as detailed as possible. This is not a time-sensitive job posting, nor will someone take your position. We need as many awesome builders as we can get.

Please make sure to include:

  • Your Roblox username
  • Your age (in case hiring you as a full-time employee becomes an option)
  • Projects you’ve worked on
  • As many screenshots/gifs/videos as you can provide of your past work, especially if it meets our theme

What you can also include:

  • Your experience playing fantasy or RPG games
  • Demo builds of equipment, NPCs or mobs for our game
  • Anything else!

On behalf of the entire Vesteria team, we’re looking forward to seeing your application and talking further!



Can’t wait to see who applies!


Good luck everyone, I’m looking forward to meeting new teammates!


I need a little bit more training in 3D modeling before I am prepared for this but I think I could meet the expectations soon tho by that time i assume job will be closed looks like a great opportunity though.


I e-mailed, but I just realized a typo, aw man.


What is the pay? It’s rather vague and isn’t specified on the post?


Pay varies wildly based on what you end up working on. That’s why it isn’t mentioned in the post. You’re welcome to inquire for an offer from us in the application.

We can guarantee that anyone who makes assets that make it into the game will make enough to DevEx, and we are also open to negotiating USD payment on a case-by-case basis.


Should we still send an application if we’re interested, but aren’t 100% sure we qualify?


Sure! If you’re not sure you qualify, your best bet is to take a stab at creating a weapon or monster or really anything with our style and including it in your application.

Here’s our template rig if you want to try designing NPC clothing:


Hello! I am so eager to work with the team ! I have sent an email over to the email listed in the application. I hope it works out and I am able to join the team, you have no idea how anxious I am!


Can we use 3D applications other than Blender for this job?


just sent my application. i hope i get to work on this game, it looks awesome.


Blender is highly preferred, but you’re welcome to use whatever application as long as it supports vertex painting (we avoid using textures on our meshes whenever possible)


When will the applicants be chosen and informed of whether or not they’re picked for the job?


We are getting a ton of applications! Way more than we expected. We will try our best to respond to as many as possible but we cannot promise that everyone will get a response. You can be assured that we are reading all applications thoroughly though.


Alrighty then! Just making sure, I’ve sent 4 e-mails to you in terms of demo examples you requested.


Just found about this post, and I’m really interested, I might send my application today.


checking in to see if this is still up, as it’s been a little over a week since i sent in an application. i just want to make sure it got to you.


We are still hiring! We’re getting ready to bring on 2 builders so far. If you haven’t gotten a response, feel free to bump your email so we can take a second look, but unfortunately we’re not able to respond to everyone who applies due to the sheer volume of applications we have been getting.


Sent my application, hope it’s not too late lol

email is