Vesteria is hiring modelers again! Help us build the best fantasy experience on Roblox!

The Vesteria Team is once again looking for low poly modelers to join our team of builders!

What is Vesteria?

Vesteria is an open-world fantasy RPG being developed by @berezaa, @Polymorphic and @sk3let0n. We’re building a massive world and need your help to make it come to life with NPC’s, clothing, and weapons.

What kind of modelers are we looking for?

Vesteria utilizes a low poly light autosmooth style, with emphasis on style and quality in design, not detail nor quantity. If your expertise is highly detailed intricate modeling, you’re probably not what we’re looking for. Speed and availability to work often are also two huge bonuses.

What would you be doing?

We are primarily in need of modelers who can design clothing and armor sets for NPCs and players alike, as well as weapons.


We pay our contractors in Robux at the end of every month based on how much content they have produced. Anyone who produces a satisfactory amount of content for the game will recieve enough payment to qualify for the Developer Exchange, assuming they pass Roblox’s moderation check.

We primarily use a contractor model because we have difficulty maintaining our theme, but we are looking for a full-time builder. If you’re someone who can consistently nail our theme with a quick turnaround, we can negotiate a higher rate with you, and maybe even a full-time in-person salaried job :eyes: (assuming you are 18+)

For professional blender modelers who find this posting off of Roblox, we are open to paying in USD.

You’re welcome to contact me personally to inquire further about payment, or to mention it in your application, but we won’t be posting anything publicly as pay will vary based on your ability to nail our theme, the type of assets you create, and your reliability. Every team member’s pay will also increase when the game releases.


If you are interested in joining our team, send an application and portfolio over to

Take your time making your application as detailed as possible. This is not a time-sensitive job posting, nor will someone take your position. We need as many awesome builders as we can get.

Please make sure to include:

  • Your Roblox username
  • Your age (in case hiring you as a full-time employee becomes an option)
  • Projects you’ve worked on
  • As many screenshots/gifs/videos as you can provide of your past work, especially if it meets our theme

What you can also include:

  • Your experience playing fantasy or RPG games
  • Demo builds of equipment, NPCs or mobs for our game
  • Anything else!

On behalf of the entire Vesteria team, we’re looking forward to seeing your application and talking further!



Going to send an email with questions regarding possible on-site positions later today.


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