Veterinarian Honor (NEW GAME)

:video_game: Are you an OG Roblox player who wants to be treated with dignity and respect? Join this game to meet other players who’ve joined Roblox around the same time as you or completely new players.


  • [NEW] Hat System (Dominuses)
  • Added random chat messages
  • Added tix particles effect for Veteran and Classic players only

Game: Veterinarian Honor - Roblox

Well, it’s a hangout game, not much to really criticize, but it lacks content; the UI looks decent. Nothing there stands out; it’s just a flat baseplate with no other content like SFOTH or anything that resonates with the time you joined. It feels quickly put together, and overall, there’s nothing to do or people to communicate with.

Hangout games on Roblox don’t really do well anymore, especially if the idea has already been made. For example, take a look at Sol’s RNG compared to its copies or in your case Flex Your Account Age. Sorry if I was over critical.

Although I do like the fact that you can get ‘Roblox History’ in the chat, It’s a nice addon to the game that I didn’t first notice until relooking at the game.

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I completely agree that the game needs more content such as structures.

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People who treat diseased or injured animals should definitely be treated with dignity and respect :slight_smile:

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