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Via is an upcoming Music Venue. We want to innovate the future of the Roblox music industry. We plan on creating a ticket system to generate revenue for those who perform on our venue. We use OQUO’s lights. and @W0Qk 's OQUO Lighting extension module to extend the possibilities of our lights to make them even better. If you are interested DM me on Discord Teddy#2247

Performances & Payed Venues

We have our own performances that we run by us but you can also purchase a use of the venue for a flat rate fee of 500 R$. That payment pays for our staff’s appearance, security, and our technical crew taking care of the whole concert. It also includes 2 rehearsals. Any more rehearsals will cost and extra 150 R$. Rehearsals cost less due to there not being security and staff. The only ones attending rehearsals will be the technical crew, performers, and anyone else you need to attend. SPECTATORS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO ATTEND REHEARSALS. You will also make a cut of the profits of ticket sales.

More Coming Soon

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