Vibe Chat & Dance Community Guidelines:

Welcome to VIBE: Chat & Dance: We are a non-toxic community that provides our players the best experience to make friends and dance till your heart content!

“Dance with the music beats!”


  1. Be respectful: Meaning you must show respect everyone that comes upon you, weather on the discord server or within our ROBLOX group/games.

  2. Online Dating: We do not allow online dating, as it’s against the roblox ToS, our staff will be looking out for this, so please be aware.

  3. Abusing Animations: All of our animations have been made to make our games more fun and exciting, abusing this will result in punishments. This includes abusing them by making them rude ect…

  4. Discrimination: As this abides like our ‘‘respect’’ policy, discrimination will result into a permanent ban, this includes race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, social status etc.

  5. No Spamming or Bypassing: Spamming is not allowed, this includes on regular content, bypassed or not. Bypassing is banned, as it’s against the ToS as a minimum.

6.Arguments and Toxicity: Creating an argument/toxicity that is unnecessary, it results in a dismissal of server/game. If you wish to do so, please result in private.

  1. Hacking & Exploiting: This is banned. Doing so will result in a permanent ban if caught.

  2. Personal Information: Please keep any information that is personal disclosed, even with permission, it is unnecessary to be shared.

  3. Sensitive Topics: Do not talk about self harm, personal trauma, rape, drugs use, alcohol consumption etc… This could be alarming for certain people, so please keep that out of context.

  4. Advertisements: Advertising in game or on our communications server is banned. DM advertising is prohibited as well. If caught doing so, consequences will be laid.

If you catch in-game members disobeying the rules above, please contact a staff member+ via our communications server to deal with the situation.
Or if you see a Staff member not doing their correct job and abusing admin please let us know and attach proof.

Thank you!
- Emkiths / Owner (and somewhat alexkiths… smh)