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Hello, Void_Xiety :white_heart: here!

I’m completely open to any critique on the game, or anything that really needs fixing. Me, being the ONLY developer in my group, and me being the one making, and scripting everything (although I’m not very good at scripting, but more of a DECENT, but not great builder) I need more eyes to help me figure out what needs fixing in the game. There’s been times where I’ve missed something completely critical, and needed to fix asap, as well as simple little issues with the design of the map. Keep in mind, I’m not that experienced with map design so I know the street is rather huge, and um… probably unrealistic? I also know I have to keep the Japanese text consist with other things in the map, as well as trying my best to completely rid my game of Free Models entirely. 90% of the map I would say is original, besides some little free models here and there. Other than that, I really need more takes on the game. Any opinions, critique, or suggestions that I can do to make my development go smoother or overall, not crap is all accepted!

Thanks once again in Advanced! Won’t be able to post much tonight due to the fact I’m heading to bed very soon.

Game :link:: Vibe Gas Station

p.s I know vibe games are not at all original, and are super cliche at this point. I’ve merely done this for the fun of it, and to improve, and run into errors that usual development goes through. I’ve experienced many, and have even learnt past some. Other than that, feel free to post anything that I should add to make it more original. I got other systems for the place coming soon. :slight_smile:


Also keep in mind, LAG is prominent. Very noticeable on PCs with not really strong hardware, and is also visible to Mobile Players, unless they’re using an iPad. (some models only)

I checked it out and got to this weird bug where the light disappears when you look at certain angels
Other than that it looks really good

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Woah, this game is really amazing! I’m a big fan!

Honestly vibe games aren’t all that bad, they may be sometimes done just for a quick cash but honestly they are really chill, and as you can see i’m a big fan of chill, lol.

Maybe add a local change music option for free or a small price, and a global for a bigger price.

And the animations are really cool! Did you make them?

I’d say make the distraction dance and torture dance payed for, and add some more chill animations for free.

Sorry if i make it seem like its all about money, but your game is really cool! You deserve more! :grin:


I guess that is future lighting! I have the same bug with my upcoming update to the game. (hints to the latest thumbnail on the game page). I’ve seen it happening in studio too, and tried fixing it, but it’s just been a problem honestly. I’ll look into it further. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Yeah vibe games, I like them a lot. I didn’t build this map around gamepasses or anything, and to be honest with you, I want to avoid advertising them too much. There’s only a donate board inside the shop area that @Z_Trader posted, but other than that, that’s really all. Further purchases for passes go to the Roblox website. Unless you want to include the shirts (which you can try on btw).

Thank you for playing, and checking it out! I appreciate it lots. Also the emotes do have bugs when sitting in the Vibe Pose seats. Also yes, I’ve animated about 80% of the content in the game, and those emotes are not mine. I forget the creators, but I do want to find them again, and credit them. They are placeholders, since the game is still unfinished. Hints to that little notification bubble that pops up, and the well… empty areas.

p.s Sway, and Sit are my emotes. Anything else is not

-Void_Xiety :white_heart:

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Everything is cool but the animations are broken (The gui ones)

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Thank you! Yes, I’m well aware the animations in the Gui suck. I mentioned in the post above that they are not mine, but rather placeholder, and will not be keeping them. I appreciate you letting me know though!

In case you’re wondering, here’s where I said it

Also something to note, 2 of them are mine.

No i dont mean they sux or the animation design i mean u can play Alot of emotes at one and after that u can just start walking

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Oh, thank you for making that more clear :sweat_smile:. Others have told me about it, and it is a work around I want to fix. It is something simple to fix though. simply disabling the buttons until you stop the one you’re using.

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Well it’s all fine to me that you don’t want to add that stuff, i mostly just add a donate gui in my Not Public Games Because I Am Scared For Life Of Posting Them And Also Half Of Them Got Deleted By An Accident TM games, but i just feel like you made a really amazing chill hub and you should get something from it! :grinning:

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