Vice Studios Recruitment

I should also add, your back up pay was literally 2000 Robux if the game flops. Of course I’m gonna do 2000 Robux worth of work. And also, I’ve spent alot of time just trying to fix your damn sidewalks. I’m now with a new studio, and that studio pays 10k Robux a month, so I’m giving them my best shot. When you complain about us not doing work, think of what we have to do, and actually think of a better back up pay.

Nobody quit actually I fired @HarrowedCrobix and I told you that I disbanded I told @NotSomeBot_Boi that he don’t have to make anything anymore and @gabed3 idk what I did to him but I disbanded the group so don’t lie like that cause you know i disbanded it

If you have anymore screenshots of the char I had with @HarrowedCrobix
It will prove me right

That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all day. @HarrowedCrobix and @NotSomeBot_Boi, can I get some backup here?

Ofc you will ask them and you know they will be on your side but you can keep lying like that but as long as I know the truth I’m fine

Oh yeah, I would’ve DMed you I quit, but you sort of blocked everyone.
Edit: Of course it would’ve been a little late, but I was busy with the whole job-hunting thing. I gotta make my Amazon and Blizzard Resume look good for six years later.

image FiredModeler



How about you put the rest of the chat

Ok. Thanks for the feedback. I wont stop reporting him until hes banned

Good luck bud :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::slightly_smiling_face::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:LOL

I’m rude? Do you not see them coming for me they are double teaming me and I’m rude?wow what has the world come to they just come to a random post I made and come for me

Yea I’m so rude…

Support fourm sent to roblox.
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do not trust him


Thanks for all the support and for backing us up!
I appreciate it!


Read here:

I’ve seen this post like 3 times and never applied for it. I am glad I did not.

I’m not under age and I don’t know who any of you are?

I’m not twelve I’m 13 and died not say any of that so what are you talking about