[Video] Feedback on Level/World - Nightfall Grove | PB & Jay

I’m open to any feedback. Level design, environment/art direction, etc.

Link to Game:

Older video from 3/31/2024:


Responding to the feedback from that video: [Video] Feedback on Level/World - Nightfall Grove | PB & Jay - #9 by Reditect


It’s a cute game!

Sculpt the terrain so it curves naturally into the stone barriers and grass mounds.

Replace the smooth plastic trees with the common stylized tree.

Add some more trees and spread them out to make it look more natural.


The video was entertaining to watch but the mechanics feel really clunky I dont know if its because of the pig model, but I did like the gliding though but something just feels off

Also the roblox terrain with the stylized trees and character and items in the environment just doesnt sit right with me, they are like clashing for my attention when both are visible on screen


I assume you mean something like this: (fig 1)

Compared to what it is currently: (fig 2)

If so, I’m personally torn between the two. The idea behind fig 2 is that the game is a 3d platformer, and thus this kind of terrain is forcing the action of jumping. I don’t want the game to just be a walk/run around kind of game. Of course, I can let the player jump with things other than the terrain design.

My solution would be to mix both styles, smooth terrain and forcing the player to jump, with a focus on one or the other. Maybe this explanation changes your thoughts?

This is fair, they are clashing styles. It’s laziness on my part for using older models. I think I need more variety in the stylized tree for it to look nice. I don’t want it to appear simply copy and pasted.

This is also a good critique. A great focus for Roblox is mobile, so I don’t want to have bad performance. That said, I’m using Streaming enabled. I’ll add more to the general environment, maybe some pockets, and see how that looks/impacts the game.


Indeed it does. I retract my statement about the small mounds. I would just make the vertical stone walls for natural looking then.

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I assume the “clunky” feeling is due to the animations; they are not my strong suit. I’ll research into animation more for sure. I’m currently using Roblox’s animator plugin, maybe blender would give more control.

Could you expand on the “clunky” feeling? Maybe inputs don’t feel as snappy or responsive. Or, maybe I’m on the nose about the animations. :sweat_smile:

I wonder what I could do to change that. My assumption here is lighting; that the player doesn’t stand out compared to everything else.

I’m trying to match the stylized feel of Spyro’s Reignited Trilogy. Would you say the following scene has that same “clashing” nature? Looking to similar games in the genre could help me pinpoint how to stop that “clash for attention”.


Looks cool, keep up the good work!

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Yea it could be the animations, but it doesnt matter what program you use it’s the skill that counts and yeah Blender can give you more control over curves and stuff but if the base animation isnt good then manipulating it using things will only mask the bad animation

Nope, because if you look at that game’s grass it’s stylized in a way that matches everything, like every single thing on screen is working together to provide some nice visual eye candy

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Hi, I’ve updated the OP responding to the feedback given so far.

@Crazedbrick1 - I’ve added more trees to the overall environment. While doing this, I’ve kept in mind not wanting to obscure the players view.

In line with @astraIboy’s feedback, players should know where to go. The level design is mostly linear, so the players eyes should be guided to that path I want them to go on. I’ve also messed around with the lighting and saturation of various objects in the game, such as the water and the house windows. I hope that makes the visuals less “clashing”.

I’ll see what changing more things, such as grass color, does to the feel of the environment. I’ll also be sure to playtest with people IRL to get their thoughts. Thanks again for the feedback!