[VIDEO] Getting Started with ZonePlus - The Best Way to Create Zones And Regions in your Roblox Experience

Getting Started with ZonePlus

ZonePlus Devforum Post

This tutorial covers the basics of ZonePlus, from a beginner level!

It covers installation, and lets you know how you can create and design zones and regions to suit your experience.

Feel free to leave feedback down below!

Many thanks to @ForeverHD for the opportunity!


Is this the same video?

Ok, Ill check this out, thanks

In that sense, no Roblox Studio tutorial should ever exist as a video. You aren’t one of these, neither am I, but there are people who can’t understand these “Getting Started” pages. I remember myself when I couldn’t, I always watched videos to understand things. Now if I don’t know about something, I don’t even need a “Getting Started” page, I can just use the API reference if there is a single example.


Some people prefer to read, other people prefer a video, it’s all up to the person. Not useless.


This. It’s important we design tutorials for users of all ages and abilities, not just ourselves, which Inctus has done a great job of doing. I remember needing a video tutorial to just download Roblox Studio when I first started, let alone understanding APIs/documentation!

@twinqle Watching Inctus’s video he probably explains sections like ZoneGroups better than I did in the documentation! It’s a video I’ll likely reference back to when developers need help


All in all, I don’t actually recall ever seeing any video on ZonePlus before. I see tons of videos on things already known before and know countless videos of it, but can’t say I’ve seen too many ZonePlus videos.


A new one! Previous video was on TopbarPlus.

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