Video of Luxembourg, 1867

My friend and I are currently building an authentic replica of a Victorian European city: Luxembourg, 1867.

Although there is still much to do (we are about 3/4 of the way through the city centre and there is a great deal of work remaining on the terrain and gameplay) this short video may give you a taster of the progress so far. It’s starting to actually look like a grotty, dirty ram-shackled city!

If you are interested, you can visit the game here:


Absolutely stunning, simply as that.


Oh wow! I really love how you and your friend put so much detail onto the buildings! I’m actually a huge fan of buildings that look like they came back from the 18th century or any old European buildings in general. Love this, what a masterpiece! :clap::clap::clap::clap:


Bravo! The textures, the music, the cinematic transitions; they all beautifully create that 19th century atmosphere. Seems as if almost a whole year may have been used to create this, so I definitely would suggest growing this into a game. It would certainly be successful (this is your decision, I am just suggesting).

Again, great job to you and your team!


Everything fits together: every single building, every single small little detail, bravo.
It gives the cinematic and appealing look of the 1800s, and how the buildings looked like from that period of time.


This is absolute Gorgeous , One of the very best old style maps i’ve seen. Well done,Indeed.


This is amazing the video already gives me a good feeling and invites me to join your game.


Thank you very much to @mer5000 , @Cindy_Lennox , @TheCarbyneUniverse , @zendflux , @imagiraff1234 and @Sumaco for your very kind feedback. I appreciate your comments and I will feedback your words to my colleague. You are right that this game has been worked upon for some time. We begun earlier this year and, even though you can see many months work here, there is still much more that we can do.

The central ethos of this was that both cyberpiper (my friend) and myself were committed in building a replica of Luxembourg that was to be as authentic as possible. To do this, we had to reference each build to original photographs and other documents. (If you are interested to see a collection of these lovely old Victorian photographs (with some later additions) I have built a short montage of these into a YouTube video.

Old Vintage Photographs

Then, to ensure that the buildings were correctly positioned, these virtual builds were placed using a copy of a street map of old Luxembourg.

The Street Map

We were both determined that every door, window, chimney should be accounted for so that, when gamers walked through this replica, it would be as true to the original city as possible. It was our intention to speak with museums and educational bodies around the city of Luxembourg and suggest that this could complement a display or exhibition in that establishment. Ideally, this is where I personally would love to see this project end up.

Just a few weeks ago, cyberpiper crossed paths with one up-and-coming talented scripter (itzikiap) who expressed interest in joining our team. He has currently been working on an in game project that, we hope, will transform this environment into a fun working game. At the moment, visitors can walk around the streets and pick up dog pure from the roads, to sell the bucket to the local tannery in exchange for centimes. These centimes can be used to rent a room for the night (to earn a game badge.) However, with the intervention of our hard-working scripter, itzikiap, we hope that visitors will have the opportunity to choose between a range of Victorian-based jobs (rat collector, street cleaner, pure collector, factory worker …) and then use their ingame currency to buy enhancements for their avatar (a Victorian top hat, a Victorian dress, a Victorian neckerchief …) as well as spend their money in renting rooms around the city. I am really excited to see how itzikiap will draw this construction forward with the addition of his scripting skills.

Those are our long term plans for the future. There is a great deal remaining and, currently, the game is not monetarised and so we are all working voluntarily. It remains a work in progress and I guess that, because the city is actually much larger than our map, we can continue to expand and expand indefinitely (being only limited by the restraints of the imposition of lag.)

Please do come back and visit the game again in a few months and see for yourself how the project has grown. :slight_smile:


Would be totally cool to have a roleplaying-type game within this setting, as long as the tone doesn’t clash (with roblox avatars, etc). Have never played as a chimney sweep before (don’t get into trouble for advocating child labour).


Amazing! Like all the details.

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Thank you very much @Shardwielder and @Clasgreeneye for your feedback and comments. I do appreciate your kind words.

One of our long-term goals is to add a role-playing feature to this game and, as we have worked on this build, we have built features into the buildings to allow for this. (For example, many of the shops have ‘push’ doors that allow avatars to enter and they have interiors that allow players to explore. It is our intention in the future to turn these units into hat shops, clothes shops, food shops … so that players can enter and then spend their ingame currency on buying power-ups or enhancements for their avatars by clicking on items around each store. For realism, we are keen to avoid too many GUIs that may cause excessive screen clutter.) It would be good to see this develop into a sim-type game that is historically accurate so that players can learn about the Victorian period whist playing a game and enjoying themselves. We know that, if there is no game-play most visitors will visit the environment, admire what they see and then simply exit, to never return. We would love to be able to encourage players to want to return.

I love how much detail you have added and the game still works well on graphics 10. Also the way you have used decals is amazing. The tunnel idea is nice. have not seen anything like this on Roblox before.


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