Video Player - Studio Plugin

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Video Player - Studio Plugin

Ever wanted to play a Video inside of Roblox Studio?

Well now you can!

How it works:
With the new VideoFrame feature on Roblox, you can play videos inside of games and plugins. This plugin lets you easily use VideoFrames!

How to use:
You can find videos inside of the Toolbox or in the libary.
Inside of the plugins tab, click the Video Player Icon.
Copy and paste the id and click the Play Button!

You can pause and play videos and it displays the length of the video.


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This plugin is NOT a virus.


I don’t understand what benefit with plugin provides, nor why devs should use it. Can you elaborate?

It lets you quickly display videos, there is no preview option inside of the toolbox or the libary.

It aslo lets you display the lenght of any video.

Maybe you could add a library feature, or something to allow users to save previous videos to it for quick access later?

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there is preview in toolbox


Well that’s new then… Because when Video Frames came there wasn’t a preview.