Video Thumbnail Causes Webpage Error

The issue we’re having is when a player visits the webpage with a video thumbnail on it then when the video autoplays itself,
the player gets redirected to ROBLOX error page, we can’t also delete that video on that day, no delete warning, just an “X”
button for deleting it but nothing happens when we click it. The bug happens everytime a player visits the game page, but
recently we discovered that using a different browser(Firefox) could actually delete the video, but then we thought that it
fixed that bug but after re-uploading the video, bug still exists. We also recently discovered that after deleting the old video
thumbnail and re-uploading it, new players who visits the game page no longer experience it but for the players who first
experienced that bug still exists for them. The bug first happened when one of our developers moved the video thumbnail position
from first to last then saved it, then that’s when the bug first existed.

Solutions we have tried:
Cleared Cache
Cleared Cookies
Used a different browser
Re-uploaded Video Thumbnail(tried this 4 times)
Re-uploaded Youtube Video

Solutions that worked:
Using an alternative account that didn’t see the bug at first time it existed, video plays normally and no redirecting to error
page, I’ve used 2 Alternative Accounts to test it, all worked fine except my main account that have witness the bug when it first
happened. And one of our friends tried it with his 2 Alternative accounts, but bug still existed for him, he didn’t clear his cache
or cookies but we still don’t know why the bug still exists for him even with a newly created account.

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