Video thumbnail not showing up on website, but it does in Configure

I uploaded a video thumbnail to this place and it’s appearing in the Configure Place menu but not on the website.

What happened? I didn’t receive a notification or anything. The video in question:

EDIT: I should specify that this is a group game and I actually uploaded it using the account that hosts the group. Not sure if that’s related. I’m also not sure whether to post in Web Bugs or Moderation Review, since that’s kind of the thing in question here…

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When did you upload it?

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I uploaded it on Monday.

I can see that the video is associated with the place ID, and it’s not moderated. This does sound like a possible bug in the group ownership of videos.

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This also happened to NowDoTheHarlemShake on The Normal Elevator game (not a group game). Its been over 20 days and it has only shown on the configure page.

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This one is a fun mix of moderation review and bug.

I was looking in the wrong place. Both numoji and NowDoTheHarlemShake’s videos were disapproved in moderation. The bug seems to be that they are still showing in the configure place page.

Okay, thanks. Is there a way I can get the video approved? There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with it as far as I can see.

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