Video thumbnail won't load on game page and gives error in configure

Yesterday, I uploaded a video thumbnail for my game, and it still has yet to appear on the game page. I assumed moderation was just taking a long time to approve the video, but they definitely would not take this long. It was exactly 30 seconds long and I don’t really see any reasons why moderation would disapprove of the video, so I don’t think the issue is there…

Link to the place:
Link to the video:

I tried looking through other topics, but this seems to be unique from what I can see. When I configure the place, the video thumbnail itself exists, but gives me the error “You need Flash player 8+ and JavaScript enabled to view this video.” One potential reason why the thumbnail might not work is because I decided to do a premiere on YouTube. Nonetheless, from what I’ve tried, the video thumbnail does not load on Chrome or Opera. I haven’t tried other browsers, but I assume I’ll get the same result.



Don’t mean to bump my own topic but an update on the situation:

The video now shows on Configure Place with no issues but not on the game page… So from this I assume the video was moderated?


Same thing is happening to me, how can we fix this?

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I also can’t seem to upload my Roblox Trailer into my game thumbnail… It just shows this instead:

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the video, or its youtube settings preventing anyone from seeing it. I have tried reposting the video in a different format but nothing seemed to help, I am now stuck in this page for hours and it still doesn’t show up in the thumbnail, I am not sure if this is some type of moderation action on the video whatsoever there is nothing wrong with it. Apparently I am able to see the video in my game thumbnail on the Roblox mobile App on IOS, although I have tried seeing it on 3 different browsers but it doesn’t seem able to be showing for any PC users.

Game link: [:racing_car:CARS​:racing_car:] Waypoint Hotels - Roblox
Video link: :star2: Waypoint Hotels - Official Trailer - YouTube

I hope that someone can help me figure this out because I am in desperate need of posting the trailer for my community.

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