Video tutorial for my AeroGameFramework

I finally created a video tutorial for my AeroGameFramework. There’s 6 main videos, plus a 7th one where I build a simple game in 20 minutes. Anyway, thought I would post it here in case anyone has been trying to use the framework.

[Updated with 2020 tutorial video series]

Actual framework GitHub page:


I think I may be doing something incorrect, but I can’t seem to get the plugin to install correctly.

I keep getting an error at line 34 (After I install it):

21:30:36.817 - Gui is not a valid member of StarterGui
21:30:36.817 - Stack Begin
21:30:36.817 - Script 'Plugin_-1.AeroGameFrameworkPlugin.AeroGameFrameworkPlugin', Line 34
21:30:36.818 - Stack End

But otherwise I’m really excited to use this!

Thank you!

Thanks for the report! I’ve updated the plugin on GitHub to resolve this issue.


For anyone wanting the link directly on this devforum page:

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Ah good point. Just edited OP to include link!

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