VideoFrame showing a Grey Screen rather than the Video Thumbnail

Since the release of the VideoFrame, more info here, I’ve been tweaking and been adding a lot of stuff into the VideoFrame and learning more about them. Yesterday, I’ve faced an issue with them which is not showing the Video thumbnail that I’ve inserted, instead, it showed either a black or white or grey screen rather the thumbnail itself which is disappointing.

VideoFrame bug and where it happens is inside Roblox Studio and not in-game in general, just a studio bug itself and the bug started happening yesterday and still has today.

Here are some images and a video of the bug:

Images/Video of the bug:

Here, it show this thumbnail:

After running studio for a test, it will show this afterward:

How to reproduce:

  • First, open up studio and place a Video inside a SurfaceGui and configure it.
  • Second, Test/Run studio for about 6 ~ 12 seconds.
  • Third or finally, it’ll show a grey/black screen.

My system specs are:
Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-9300H CPU @ 2.40GHz

I don’t think that this is intentional at all with VideoFrame at all, I’ve restarted studio and closed it many times and still, it shows the bug as I am on studio version: 0.447.1.411123 (64bit).


Thanks for the report! We are looking into it!