VideoFrames crash Roblox Studio, too inconsistent to make a bug report

I’m gonna try and narrow down what’s going on before I make this a bug report, and that I means I’ll make a proper question first. I asked this a few days back but I had too little info and I couldn’t really get help as a result.
I’ve narrowed it down a bit more than the previous post, and I kinda found it: a few specific VideoFrames entirely crash a specific game on Studio, but not the actual game itself when launched from the normal client. Not only does copy pasting “working” video frames not solve the issue, but old backups that I haven’t modified in months are suffering from this issue when they did not originally. It isn’t a script issue, and it isn’t a model that was inserted. What should I do? I’ve been dealing with this for days at this point and I’ve never seen anyone else suffer from this issue.
Here’s the hierarchy of the button:
Note that this is absolutely identical to other buttons that don’t crash the game.
Also, the main inconsistency is that I can’t properly reproduce this. When I copy paste the buttons into an empty game, it doesn’t crash, and I basically know for a fact that nothing’s affecting it.

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That’s interesting. It might have something to do with the UICorner in the video? Or maybe an API that was changed internally?

Sorry for the delayed response, I found some more info. Turns out that there’s somehow a software limit or something like that crashing it. I tested the game without any VideoFrames and it worked. However, the weird part is that I don’t think 34 should be crashing the game. I’ll rework the GUI to not use them but it’s a massive annoyance that this is an issue in the first place.
Also, additional note I forgot: the game doesn’t crash if it’s run from a file instead of from the online place, which makes me actually believe the “limit” I described isn’t the case