VIEW ALL Button DO NOT Redirect to Learn & Explore Sort on Roblox Platform

Reproduction Steps
0. Go to the Roblox Education website;

  1. Scroll down until you find “Featured Educated Experiences”/Explorer the category “Teach With Us” > Educational Experiences;
  2. Select the button VIEW ALL.

Expected behavior

I expected to be redirected to the Roblox platform, but specifically in the front-page and in the category “Learn & Explore” as to feature all of the experiences that educates users.

Actual Behavior

Once clicking, it simply just redirects me to the overall Discover (Front) page.

Issue Area:
Issue Type: Display
Impact: Medium
Frequency: Consistently
Date First Experienced: 2023-04-04 00:11:45 (UTC-3)
Date Last Experienced: 2023-04-04 00:13:40 (UTC-3)

Could you upload the video again?


I reuploaded! You should be able to see it

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It appears that Roblox has fixed the bug, tried myself and was redirected to the Learn & Explore Section. Unless this is a mobile specific bug idk.

I took an opportunity to see it again, and the bug remains the same… It is likely to be working for some mobile devices

I can reproduce the issue on my mobile device (Samsung Galaxy Note 10)

After reviewing the website again, they updated the UX as well as the layout on how to provide the experiences for users to explore as you click “VIEW ALL”.

Furthermore, if you press the “Discover the Learn & Explore Category” button, you are going to get redirected to the sort within the Roblox platform!

Therefore, we can conclude that the issue has been fixed.

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