View Roblox Clothes 3D in Real Time?

I wanna make Roblox Clothes, however, It would be really nice to see how they look before uploading them.

Anyone know of a way to do that?

I’ve been trying to whip something up using P5.js except I can’t get texture mapping to work how I want.

I have it working how I want it on Microsoft’s Windows 10 software for viewing .obj files

However, I have to port it into blender and export it into this strange looking texture

Anyone have a more elegant solution?

i would recommed simply turning each clothing section into an image, and using a surface gui, put it on a model.
(it might be tedious for large amounts of clothing)

the point of this is to reduce uploading images to Roblox for moderation.
that would be sorta counter intuitive.


in blender, add the texture to each part except the head. (FHKJFHKJLFHH 30cars)

You can still view images that you’ve uploaded, even if they haven’t been moderated yet.

You can also use the image ID in the shirt/pants items that you’d put into the NPC.


What I would recommend is downloading a 3D Rendering Software, Like Blender or Cinema 4d.

Then you can take a model from roblox (preferably r6 blocks)

Once you do that, just import the model into the software. Make a material and add the clothing image as a texture then apply it. If done correctly it should automatically match the Model and look how it would in game without uploading.

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