Viewmodel Animations; How do I do it?

This problem has been plaguing me for several days now. Currently I’m using Egomoose’s method of making an fps viewmodel. However how I would animate models inside of the viewmodel? E.g swinging a sword?

From what I gathered from this post and this post, I would have to attach the model to the viewmodel hand through a motor6d and animate it that way.
To keep things short, I had tried to apply this only to face several problems. Are there other options in animating a viewmodel other than importing the rig to blender? Or just a solution to my problems?


Right, after some testing it looks like the problem lies with the fact that the animation simply isn’t being played out.
(Note how the sword goes back into the arm when animation starts)

Any sort of answer or a link to some resources would be appreciated, I’m getting desperate here.

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Deleted the head and attached the arm and tool “handle” on the upper torso, as well as positioning the uppertorso onto the camera. This is the result, I don’t know why and I don’t know how.
Any, ANY help at this point would be really appreciated.
Ingame viewmodel (tools are equipped through key pressed):

Can I see this on discord pls?

Sent a request, username is Wolliom

I should probably update this, the problem was that the viewmodel arm was being set to something different when the game starts.
To fix this I just copy and pasted the in game viewmodel and animated the rig from there.

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hello, I have a similar problem with the same egomoose system, I wanted to add animations to the viewmodel but I realized that the arms were practically welded to two reference blocks found in the weapon model called left and right.
I tried to disconnect them but this led me to more problems since when disconnecting the reference blocks with my hands the viewmodel simply did not move, not even to aim and I realized something else and that is that the blocks are welded to the weapon, thus making the weapon the only thing that moves.
any way to make the view model follow the camera and also when pointing and being able to make animations without having the reference blocks?.

I’m sorry what are you asking?

my arms are welded to reference parts, the same happens in the egomoose system.
then, I can’t cheer as my arms are welded.
I would like to know how to desolder my arms from the reference blocks so that I can animate without interrupting what is the lerp of the CFrame of aiming at the weapon.
basically the weapon is the only one that moves when sliding the camera or moving, you can see how the weapon swings.
then, the reference blocks are welded to the weapon, and the arms to the blocks.
I would like to desolder the arms and be able to move them as if it were the weapon( swing it and move them to the screen when making the weapon aimdown)
originally the gun comes welded to the head, if I release the gun to the right arm then it will get a rather strange pocision.
I need help with this, I have already set up a lot of things and I have run into this problem and I would not want to throw this system away.

edit: my system is also the same as egomoose

(sorry in advance for reviving this topic) but did you find a way to fix it? I’m still stuck with this problem. there is still no other decent tutorial on the viewmodel subject other than the egomoose one.