Viewmodel Collides With Player

So recently i was testing out the viewmodel, turns out it can collide with player even though i already set every cancollide in the viewmodel false.

Turns out its because iam using the name Left Arm and Right Arm for my viewmodel so it gets that chiseled arm shape but it makes the can collide turn into true in game

i tried using collision groups but the post i found was deprecated.

so can anyone give me a chiseled arm part or tell me how to use the collision group thats not deprecated

this was the post i found btw:

is there a updated way or no?

yeah i did that too but how about the server

left arms and right arms don’t collide in the first place. Do you have any other parts in your viewmodel?

no it collides because the name Left Arm and Right Arm makes the part thats named that have a chiseled shape that also make the part can collide = true in game even though its false originaly

if its on a rig that has humanoid and hrp then that will happen

In a server script:

PhysicsService:CollisionGroupSetCollidable('Viewmodel', 'Player', false)

Then, in a local script, you can loop through the player’s character and set it’s collision group to Player, and loop through the Viewmodel and set it’s collision group to Viewmodel.

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i ended up switching to another viewmodel the collision group still wont work somehow

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set all parts within viewmodel to something different. use a script or whatever.

then register the collision groups on a server script, and set the collision collidables to be false with “Default” and “Viewmodel” (whatever you put it to.)

viewmodel will no longer collide with any parts whatsoever