Viewmodels Understanding

I’m sorry to be repetitive with this post because around 14 days ago (as of the time of writing) I made the same post. It would be very very helpful for someone to show me the steps of how to use/do ViewModel gun animations. If anyone has time to help me out here that would be great. :slight_smile:

Sincerely, lsand13


I can’t help you directly, but I just learned how to animate viewmodels yesterday, with the help of this video:

Roblox Gun Kit Blender Tutorial - Custom ViewModel

It’s actually way easier then people think it is, I’ve been animating for a year and 6 months and only now just learned how to animate a viewmodel, the only thing bringing me down was that it just seems difficult, when it really isn’t too hard at all. Also make sure to watch the whole video and pay attention while doing so, one little mistake might mess up your progress.

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