Viewport character not moving

So, i have a mirror. It works well, a surface gui parented to the playergui and then its adornee is set to the part. Script with the math moving the camera angle, maybe a bit distorted but its good enough.

The workspace doesnt change so i just duplicated it into the viewport. But i want to see the player, however when i try to duplicate it and then move the humanoidrootpart the entire thing doesnt move? Do i need to change the cframe of each entire part? Or am i having an issue with motor6d connections?

Yes, you have to CFrame each part of the character. Animations don’t work in ViewportFrames.

This saddens me, thank you very much.


Mirrors will be very intensive, especially on mobile… so this could affect your game majorly… AFAIK Roblox renders all Decals even through walls (Don’t quote me on that, that’s from experience of one of my games).

My goal was to make a demo, not make a game. And if i were to make a game i would first limit it to pc only and also create a framerate limiter. Though thanks for the info.

If it’s a mirror, the only things you need to replicate are the objects that reflect right? Not the whole map.

Yeah, but the workspace is just a room and a baseplate so, that is already static. What i want to be able to do is also see the player.

What I do is clone each basepart in characters, anchor them, and parent them. You can go even farther by only cloning things that are missing and modifying the body parts to imitate the players.


Thank you, my mirror works nicely now.