Viewport Frame Error

What’s the problem?
I’m trying to make a simulator with an egg/hatching system. When I’m making the rarities that will open once your close to the price part, the pet (viewport frame) doesn’t show the pet. I don’t know why. I added a camera to parent the pet (pet is a part not a model) and I changed the CurrentCamera inside the Viewport to the camera in the pet. Why doesn’t it work?

I’m guessing you have a script, since your asking “why dosent this work”? Could you please show us your script? Also this belongs in #help-and-feedback:scripting-support

It’s not a script just the viewport frame and camera.


Note that the camera is defaultly located at 0,0,0 which could mean your pet is out of it’s view.
Ensure that the pet is near 0,0,0 and infront of the camera.