Viewport Frame Help

Hello, I need some help
So this is my code:

		local te = script.PhoneTemplate:Clone()
		te.Name = v.Name
			te.Namee.Text = v.Name
			te.Parent = script.Parent.BuildShop.ScrollingFrame
		te.Buy.Text = 'BUY '..'$'..v.Price.Value
		----- OMG XD
		local Camera ='Camera',te)
		Camera.CameraType = Enum.CameraType.Scriptable
			local Fakephone = v:Clone()
			    for _,p in ipairs(Fakephone:GetChildren()) do
				if (not p:IsA('ValueBase')) then 
				p.Anchored = true
		Fakephone.Parent = workspace.CurrentCamera
			te.CurrentCamera = Camera
			Camera.CFrame =,Fakephone.Handle.Position) *,0,-4)

I don’t know why is not working,
I’m setting camera, and it’s CFrame!
No idea why it’s not working :confused:

Instead of rotating the camera in the viewport frame, rotate the actual model instead.