Viewport frame only works for image button?

Hi, I’m confused about something. Do viewport frames only work on image buttons? I have a text button and my viewport frame doesn’t seem to be working with it. My model is parenting to the text button just isn’t showing.

Hopefully one of you people can give me an answer, thank you. :hearts::hearts:

Can you show how you parented those Instances and if the button’s MouseButton1Click connection works?

I parented the instances just fine, because if I use a imagebutton it works. But when I use my textbutton it doesn’t work so that’s why I’m confused.

It’s parenting it’s just not showing.

Alright, I don’t really get your issue. Is the ViewportFrame not showing up or…?

Yes, my ViewportFrame isn’t showing up. I don’t understand why, I’m assuming viewports don’t work for textbuttons?

Did you by any chance forget to set the TextButton’s BackgroundTransparency to 1? Check if the frame is at the correct position in a test session, or set it’s ZIndex higher.

Surely, the transparency has nothing to do with it?

Correct, it doesn’t I just tested that.

It has to be, because when I paste it in via studio it’s positioned correctly.

So if an ImageButton is in the Frame, the ViewportFrame shows up. But if a TextButton with the EXACT same properties (BackgroundTransparency, ZIndex, etc) is in the Frame, the ViewportFrame doesn’t show up?

Not textlabel, a textbutton. But correct. It’s super confusing since I don’t understand why it’s not working?

What do you mean by this? ImageButtons have nothing to do with those.

I’m asking because It’s confusing. If I use a imagebutton it works fine, but if I use a textbutton it doesn’t work.

You should only put parts or a WorldModel in viewport frames.

From the Explorer image you’ve provided, I cannot seem to reproduce the issue. The ViewportFrame still renders. You might have to change the way the container is structured.

No, you guys are all works with a image button as seen here.

but if I use a textbutton it doesn’t work…

What is the background transparency of the imagebutton? Is the imagebutton zindex on top of the viewport frame?

Is the ImageButton the red lock image? That really does not make any sense to be compared with the “?” TextButton