Viewport Frame Particles?

This could be both art design support and scripting support, but I’ll put this here because it’s related to UI.

Today, I decided to use viewport frames so I don’t have to make an image for each item and it would look better. Then I found out viewport frames don’t support particles or fire. I tried to use Module3D (version 4 and 6.) Version 6 didn’t work because it’s using viewport frames and version 4 just doesn’t work. Does anyone have any suggestions to “bypass” this? I thought of adding a particle image in front of my viewport frame but it looks bad. I’m also using it on a ScreenGui so adding a particle emitter is just impossible. Any suggestions?

I think you could make a part that “attaches” to the player’s camera, and this p[art would be at the bottom of the screen at all times, and it would span as long as the screen. This part would have the ParticleEmitter in it. If you set ParticleEmitter.LockedToPart to true, it should work, and you can just emit particles with ParticleEmitter:Emit().

But other players would see the particles? I’m making something like a design character thing and won’t others just see particles coming out of the player?

You should call Emit() through a LocalScript.

Yeah, I’ll figure that one out myself. Thanks!