Viewport frames not working [NOT FIXED]

The topic is quite self explanatory, I have a viewport frame which isn’t showing anything.
Here’s the code:

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Yeah, this happened to me. What is it in?

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Try setting the position of the CFrame of the camera relative to the camera like this:

viewportCamera.CFrame = +, 0, -0.5), humanoidRootPart.Position)

If that doesn’t work, it might be because you aren’t moving the camera far enough away from the dummy for you to actually see it.

Still hasn’t been fixed. More information: If I change humanoidRootPart with any other part like the head it shows something but it’s like this white spec which doesn’t make sense.

Alright I managed to fix the bug. Basically, I’m changing the position of the HRP. A basic rule which applies to welds is, they don’t change the position of welded objects unless the CFrame of the part that they are welded to is changed. Only the position of the HRP was changed to, 0, 0) and since HRP’s are transparent I couldn’t see anything. In order to fix the issue simply change the HRP’s CFrame instead of the position and it should fix it.

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