Viewport-like shading

IDK if I chose the wrong category, but that doesn’t matter since this kind of shading is super cool; especially with the clouds and sun ray!


A house in the middle of nowhere with a noob at the entrance.

A person being blinded by the bright sun.

An unknown developer staying up to the sky, knowing something that we don’t.

First, open up a template of your choice.
Second, go to Lighting and change the settings to what is considered viewport-like:

(ignore OutdoorAmbient, ColorShift_Top and sun position unless you want to change those.)
If you want a true Viewport-like shader, change Technology to Compatibility.

Then get a white Skybox (from either toolbox or from your own).
And kaboom! You now have something that looks like a ViewportFrame!

If you want to submit your creations or want to expand the tutorial, please reply.
Thank you.


I almost flagged your post since I thought this is in #resources:community-resources until I checked the category

though I would use this for my upcoming game called “VIEWPORT”