Viewport Shows Low Quality

I have been trying to use ViewPort to view the inventory items intially. I got it to work correctly and everythnig however the items are shown in low quality. Any possible fix to this problem?

I guess the anti-aliasing around the edges of the image are bothering you? Set the BackgroundColor3 of the ViewportFrame to the grey color behind it.

Still no difference, here is a picture where the first slot is with the changed backgroundcolor3 and all other slots without change
Also yes I want it to be more smooth not just pixels. My display supports that so its not a problem from my laptop

ViewPortFrames are not affected by lighting or anti-aliasing. They’re not meant to be incredibly high resolution images, they’re basic tools to render 3D objects in a 2D space. If you’ve set the background to the background color, you likely will not see any more improvements in quality unless roblox decides to improve them.


Alright, thanks for the information! I would try to work it out with vector icons for the items then.

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I didn’t notice this until now, but they are anti-aliased, but only in quality levels where it’s enabled:

Quality level <8:
Quality level 9+:

Another thing that I noticed was that decreasing the quality level from one where it’s anti-aliased to one where it isn’t won’t re-render the ViewportFrame (until its contents/camera/properties/etc. changes)