ViewportFrame displays nothing but its subject

So I just tried to make a thing with a ViewportFrame but for some reason when I playtest the game Only the camera’s subject appears and I want to know how I can fix it and make it display everything the camera sees such as players.

How I have it set up:

  • Workspace
    • DisplayPart
  • StarterGui
    • SurfaceGui
      • (Property) Adornee: DisplayPart
      • ViewportFrame
        • ViewCam
          • (Property) CameraSubject: SubjectPart
        • (Property) CurrentCamera: ViewCam

I looked at the devhub and ViewportFrame tutorial doesn’t say anything about displaying more than the cameras subject

On a seperate but related not how do I make the camera not be rotated random ways and just set it’s rotation.

It’s only made to display what’s inside the viewportframe. You’d need to clone everything and put it inside the viewport frame and change the players positions inside the viewportframe. This here will cause monsterus lag and is generally, not recommended.

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how could I make it display the player’s character along with the skybox?

You can have the player’s character in it but you can’t load a skybox into it.

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except how would I go about doing that?

just use :clone() and then parent it to whatever then do whatever else you need to do with it.