ViewportFrame Release

rotate the viewport camera around the part, or rotate the part with CFrame etc

This could be very useful and I will be trying it out as soon as possible.


I’m a bit confused about this. If I have a model that has SurfaceGuis with ImageLabels on them, should those show on the model in a ViewportFrame? (Is this what “rendering GUIs” refers to and it’s not supported yet?)

They aren’t showing in my test. But, it kind of looks like GeorgeTheDev’s car is showing a SurfaceGui on it…?

My car has a decal on it. The viewport frame is inside a screen GUI. I don’t think you can put GUI into a viewport frame.

Could be wrong though.

Sorry if someone has already posted this, but has ViewportFrame been disabled inside BillboardGuis and SurfaceGuis? It doesn’t seem to work for me anymore :confused: (unless I’m just being dumb)

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same thing applies to BillboardGuis

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Great! This would be cool for mini maps in different games like a fps or some other game that might have a mini map.

I know it’s been done before in other ways but if you can take the map and put it as a GUI in a 3d form, that would be probably easier to do.

Lots of uses excited to see what people do with it.

Could also try and make something appear like a mirror

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It still doesn’t seem to work?

Where is the BillboardGui parented? Make sure it’s not inside workspace. It must be parented to PlayerGui directly with the Adornee set to the part you want the BillboardGui to appear in.


Ah it works now, thanks.

Nice, this feature will become so usefull in so many ways. I am defintely gonna use it in new projects!

Wow! I have an idea of how I could use this in a room showcase!!

I’ve made some sort of “tool” (it is technically a script) that can use Viewports in 3D space with dynamism. It supports the creation and destruction of instances in real time as well as modifying these.

You can find the post for it here.

I will add some images for this later in this post.


mobile vr here we come!

you can try this here: Mobile VR Testing - Roblox
the gyroscope is a bit wonky though
(also the recording doesn’t show it well but it is running at 60fps)


To be honest, the best thing I’d love to see happen with these is this…

make my dream come true


I don’t think that’s really possible due to SurfaceGUIs not conforming to their surface like decals & textures sadly.

I’m not really experienced with this stuff, but I’m thinking that’s some sort of 3D object masking a GUI image…

Anyone have an efficient way of saving the “Frame” of a viewport frame? For example, a camera system that allows you to take a photo of what you’re looking at. Is there a way to save that frame that’s being rendered in the viewport frame? Sorry for a bad explanation, it’s hard to explain.

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