ViewportFrame Release


Does this mean Viewport Frames are released for public use in games or not fully out yet?


Released for public games.


With viewport frames we can create 3d objects that don’t clip stuff like walls!
Example: (Don’t judge the model xd)
The player is standing right against the wall but the gun won’t clip, without viewports, this would be near impossible to do!


It was about time. Thank you Roblox, very cool!


This is great, can now use my 3DSkybox model ingame!


I used a modified version of your 3d skybox to create the planets in the background of my space game, when entering ftl travel you’ll be able to move between them. Thanks!


Not really. You have the same perspective problem as with portals, plus the problem of having no way (AFAIK) to mirror flip the image.


Now that this feature is live, I finally can test my upcoming building system with friends. This feature is a godsend for spinning block previews, and not having to upload decals of individual blocks to display properly. :+1:



support for particles when?


+1, would definitely LOVE to have particle emitters render through viewport frames!


FYI, ImageTransparency and ImageColor3 are also released.


Amazing, great job guys! now we just have to wait for fib to come out


I really like this update, definitely something am going to use in future updates and games!


This released just in time for one of my projects that I was going to start uploading a bunch of decals for, now I don’t have to upload any decals, can just show the model instead :grin:


It appears that SpecialMeshes & Mesh objects in general don’t render inside of viewport frames.

Will this issue be addressed?


Sounds like a bug. How to reproduce it?


Actually, I just checked the properties to obtain the IDs for you to review.

It appears that due to Roblox swapping over from the old URL scheme to the new rbxassetid:// system, it seems to have wiped all IDs from the filemeshes, which is quite strange and is probably a bug that needs to be addressed - as assets are still entered using the old URL scheme.


I’ve managed to get a door effect with a surfacegui by changing the resolution of the surfacegui depending on the distance between the upper left and bottom right corner, but it doesnt look quite right when you get too close.


It is actually impossible to make it look perfect. You’ll run into problems like the shrinking.
In addition, looking at it from an angle will break the illusion no matter how hard you try to compensate for it.
This happens because the surface that is further away from the camera will appear smaller. This means that in order to compensate for this, you would have to stretch the image unequally, which is not possible.