ViewportFrame Release


Thank you! You worded my argument better than I ever could!



FWIW, ViewportFrames weren’t going to be the magic bullet for portals anyways, as they don’t fully support the same lighting conditions as the regular world view, and can’t show things like smooth terrain. Also… copy of the world parented to a UI frame… that’s a performance non-starter right there.


I am aware, the portals won’t move, so I only have to grab the portion of the world that is visible, and parent it to the viewport frame.

As for the lighting issues, I don’t really mind them, since it is still better than not having the portal render at all.

I will link your reply on: How do I crop/mask a billboard GUI over a surface?
People keep telling me to use SurfaceGui’s.


Although now released, there is still no support for Terrain as mentioned in another thread - so a rendered world will look peculiar if it includes smooth terrain. Can we get an update on this?


Good point, I hope that support for lightning and skybox is added soon, alongside Terrain.


I feel just allowing us to render the whole terrain that is in the workspace could be a bad idea (Especially for performance). However it would be nice if we could insert a secondary terrain instance within the viewport.


Agreed, inserting the entire Terrain object could result in lag/rendering issues, however, you should be able to do this still, or, insert specific regions of Terrain for your map - so that it does not look weird.


The thing is, if the developer chooses to render terrain at the expense of performance, it was their choice. Adding support for terrain does not necessarily mean it has to used.


This is a great update! :smiley:


Now that it’s live, I can finally start working on character customization.


Hi developers,

As you may have already noticed, ViewportFrames are live on all platforms! All credit goes to @programeow for making this happen.

Feel free to post screenshots or videos of how you are using ViewportFrames in your game. We will be showcasing some of the best examples for all players to see in the next few weeks!

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I’m using it to give a 3D preview of buildings players can build in my game:


I’m using viewport frames to create a stylized outline effect

EDIT: might as well dump my other use cases for viewport frames
Custom handles
HUD Icons (not the most creative but still cool)


This is the most creative use I have seen so far! Nice job!


Thank you programeow, very cool!



Bit of a long shot but could this be used to make refection for mirrors?


Yes, but performance may be an issue, as you’d need another copy of the map and all objects in the viewportframe, you’d have to render all that on top of the actual map/objects


Amazing stuff. I’m so happy it’s ready to use. Me and my partner will be using it for our game that’s coming out very soon :heart: :heart_eyes: :+1:


Not to mention the quality in the mirror would be very noticeably lower.