ViewportFrame Release


Co-Op is a subcategory of multiplayer. Not the same thing.


Amazing! I’ve been waiting for this.


When I tested this feature a few weeks ago, it worked fine with the SurfaceGui class. Was it disabled for performance reasons?


Seems like they weren’t fully clear with that explanation. Have a look:




It comes from background color of ViewportFrame. So changing background color should fix it in your case.


Ok glad it’s that simple, but question: That behavior doesn’t make much sense so is it on the roadmap to be changed? (i.e. If something is transparent, it shouldn’t be rendered at all.)


I’m afraid it is caused by the nature of anti-aliasing and not easy to fix. I’ll take a furthur look.


The “up and down” you’re referring to is because it’s at an angle, which means the thing is getting further and closer to you. That’s not weird at all.


I am aware, but I can’t seem to find any solutions.


:man_shrugging: Don’t have it at angle?


But then it loses some coolness D:


My only concern is how much of an impact these will have on performance if I use them like this.

I plan on having all of my displays be like this. I can of course have certain ones active at certain times, but sometimes players may have a large inventory of skins.


Change the display UI to only show a few of them at a time then. :slight_smile:


My current plan is just to have the items rotate when in view, but some pages such as trading, crafting, and inventory will have a lot of these. Other pages shouldn’t be a big deal.


Well, somewhere in this thread they said these were about like image labels for performance. I don’t know how that changes when you’re rotating it.



(ImageTransparency/ImageColor3 would be appreciated, I had to change the transparency of each individual part to fade out)

How to make Viewport models actually look good?

Wow dude that looks awesome! I really want to do something like that in my own shop.


:frowning: Still much to be expected, hopefully all of it can be addressed before its released to game servers.

  1. BillboardGuis AlwaysOnTop does not show on top of the rendered frame
  2. Rendered frame stretches image as @CloneTrooper1019 mentioned above

Other than that, this is already so much better than the FFlag release a few weeks ago!


Each ViewportFrame will create a texture that costs 32 bits per pixel.

And it will also need one or two shared framebuffers depending on anti-aliasing level. For example, if a ViewportFrame is 200x200 and 4x MSAA is enabled, it will also use a 64bpp framebuffer and a 4x64bpp MSAA framebuffer with size 256x256. If no MSAA is enabled, only a 64bpp framebuffer will be used. These framebuffers are shared by all ViewportFrames sized from 129 to 256.

So for 10 ViewportFrames with size 200x200 and 4x MSAA, main memory cost will be:
(200x200x32x10 bits = 1.6MB) + (256x256x64x5 bits = 2.6MB) = 4.2MB