ViewportFrame Release


Now we are thinking with portals!


Would really enjoy being able to play animations in ViewportFrames… please.


Could we see the addition of a Subject property? By default this property would be null, however if it was not then instead of using the children of the class, it would use the children of this property. This would allow two frames to display the same object, as well as objects which exist in workspace (allowing animations to be displayed).


Really loving the start already! :smiley:
Excited to see what the final result of the ViewportFrames will be. :slight_smile:


someone get on this please. this is the genius play.


ViewportFrame is not designed for massive objects rendering. So it’s not a good idea to use it for split screen, portal or rendering lots of workspace objects because of performance. These features should be implemented using other methods instead of ViewportFrame.


How did you even do this?


Will we be getting other methods of doing this?


The only thing that really bothers me with this is the lighting. I realize that its probably more system intensive to calculate light on these viewed objects, however, if you had a simple fixed lighting angle, just to give some sort of ‘depth’ to the look of them so they don’t look so flat. This could have the ability to toggle it on or off, so those who are only using a few viewport frames could enable it, and not suffer much performance hit. Or maybe you already have plans for lighting in the works?


I believe they have lighting planned.


Would it be possible to use ViewportFrames inside PluginGuis? I was thinking of how they could be used as a sort of model display or preview for some of the plugins I want to make in the future.


I’ve already done that. In my game as shown earlier in the replies I used ViewportFrames to display items. I had to make a plugin to calibrate the camera position for each of the items and it works fine :wink:


Looks like it works pretty well for scanner HUD type systems.


OuterFrame is as tall as the screen, and clamped to a 1:1 aspect ratio, ClippingFrame is half of that in size and placed in the center of OuterFrame, and ViewportFrame is double ClippingFrame’s size and moved left and up by half of ClippingFrame’s size.

Size: { 1, 0 }, { 1, 0 }
Horizontal alignment: center
Aspect ratio: 1

Size: { 0.5, 0 }, { 0.5, 0 }
Position: { 0.25, 0 }, { 0.25, 0 }

Size: { 2, 0 }, { 2, 0 }
Position: { -0.5, 0 }, { -0.5, 0 }

There won’t be any distortion as long as the ViewportFrame’s height matches the screen viewport’s height because it will use the same perspective world -> camera projection.


I love this! I’ve always liked the look of 3D in UI, gives it that cool professional e d g e.
I have to express my excitement! Here’s something from what I’ve been cooking. (It’s subtle, but good)

And it complements really well with this already existing thing!



This is all viewport.


I like that first image’s idea. Hope you don’t mind if i use something like that… :wink:


Sure go ahead. I plan to do the shirts and pants.


This, please. A thousand times this.

I want to do a monster book for Vesteria where you can see all of the monster’s models along with their stats and what loot they can drop. Being able to play their idle or moving animation in the book would make it soooooo much cooler than just reference posing.


Yeeeeeee!! Will there be support for a custom skybox inside the viewport gui, or perhaps changing the transparency of the rendered objects (in a 2D fashion)? :smiley:


Unsure if anyone’s asked yet, but when is this planned to go live in production?