ViewportFrame Release


I’m also curious. I used viewportframes to implement a shop in my game and I now have to delay my release until they come out. Not that I’m complaining, I still have work to do, but I hope it’s not too long.


Same. My game will be using these too.


Although it’s not that big of an issue, using ViewportFrame’s with OpenGL graphics mode on Mac will cause the client to crash while creating or destroying the ViewportFrame. I say it’s not that big of an issue as I can use Metal graphics to avoid the crashes.


Same again, hah. My game uses them for lots of stuff right now, I’m hoping they get released in good time.


The stretching bug seems to be fixed :raised_hands:


Oof I might have to make a workaround if they aren’t out before the code freeze. I want my game out for Winter break. Some clarification would be nice.


Okay, one more.
I swear once this goes live, there’s going to be a random influx of 3D objects in my projects, since I had added them ahead of time.


Ill ask what everyone already asked - when is this coming out? I have a project set to release the end of January.


Maybe it’ll be our Christmas gift?


CoDe FrEeZe so probably not


The release date hasn’t been decided yet. It can’t be released until all serious bugs (the above crashing bug now) are fixed. So it will be in next year, probably won’t be out before your project release date. Sorry about that.

Inquiry regarding the ViewportFrame public release


except it’s not physically accurate


Alright thank you, just needed to know that so I can make something temporary until its out.


I love this but it’s kind of annoying that the original camera properties aren’t easily accessible(CFrame, FOV, etc.)

Roblox seems to delete any camera besides the main camera once you hit play. So in order to get the original properties(for say, rotating around its original CFrame) I have to save it manually

Please let us access these? :smiley:


The issue is that they don’t replicate. They’re not deleted.


Any ETA on when this is planning on being live?



Ah thanks


Any news on the release? My game is heavily built on this feature D:


Read the post EchoReaper quoted two posts before yours. It was said that it probably won’t be out by the end of January, so expect February or later.