ViewportFrame Release


I love this, i can achieve a tardis like effect very easily, although it would be better if i was able to use a shader on a surface gui


There are so MANY possibilities from this. Can’t wait for this to get released.


I too would like this feature as this could replace the whole need for rendering in my games.


Absolutely love this idea, opens up a very wide window of possibilities from the simplest to the most complex - eager to see what inventions other developers can create from this! :grinning:


I love how many effects I could make with this!
Hopefully it will be added before my game comes out! :grinning:


this is sweet!


Can’t wait to use this for GUI tool icons instead of manually making icons.


Another version of the tardis-like effect :smile:


thats amazing!


Finally, Doctor Who is possible in roblox.


So some things I noticed while using the ViewportFrame is that if you go and copy a players model mid animation and parent the clone to the viewport, the character will statically show itself mid motion instead of getting rid of the animation. So the work around I had to do was parent it to Workspace, then the ViewportFrame to stop the frame from showing anims.


That’s the point. ViewportFrame is meant to be a static render of whatever the Camera subject sees.


Ik, I forgot to ask if this was a feature or something not.




So little issue i ran into and don’t know whiy it happened, but there is a glitch or bug that creating a camera and setting vf.CurrentCamera it will remain nil while even though the camera exists, and even try looping till it parents and still remains nil.


Are you creating your Camera client-side or server-side? Camera instances do not replicate, which is quite a bummer for use with ViewportFrames :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’re making it server-side, you can instead send the necessary information (i.e. a CFrameValue inside of the ViewportFrame to indicate the CFrame of the Camera, if the CFrame isn’t the same every time) to the client instead, and let them create the Camera.


THe issue isnt the CFrame, its the fact that the viewframe.CurrentCamera is nil even though it shouldnt be

Ill give you an example

Camera.Parent = vf
vf.CurrentCamera = Camera
print(Camera, vf.CurrentCamera)

Output: Camera, nil


Hmm. I can’t seem to recreate your issue, using the code you provided.

Here’s the place file I tested this with - the contents are in StarterGui.
DragonSkyye_ViewportFrameIssue.rbxl (14.4 KB)


The issue did not appear when i entered play solo or start up a local server, it only appears in an actual roblox game server btw.


I haven’t seen any statement of ViewportFrame being live yet, so I won’t expect it to function as expected in a live server.

Referring to it’s still pending to go live.