ViewportFrame Release


yeah its to be expected to have some issues, np atm since it works in solo mode, but heres a place i quickly made with the stuff you gave me and a little editing,

Looks like here the VF wont even show lol

local vf = script.Parent

for i, vf in pairs(script.Parent.ScreenGui:GetChildren()) do
	vf:ClearAllChildren() -- recreating part of what my original had
	local Clone = workspace.Part:Clone()
	Clone.Parent = vf
	Clone.CFrame =,0,0)
	local Camera ="Camera")
	Camera.Parent = vf
	vf.CurrentCamera = Camera
	Camera.CFrame =, Clone.Position) 


Wouldn’t the part just not show because your camera is inside of the part then?


No the whole vf wasn’t showing and in the local test the camera is facing the part at a good distance


Viewport frames aren’t live yet, they don’t work in the player.


The issue you’re bringing up is only because they aren’t live in games yet. You can only use them in studio.


Realized thanks for input though!


I can see these being used for security cameras.


Please tell me you didn’t replicate everything in workspace to it.


Could someone explain how to make the portal tardis effect, please? I’m really bad at math all i know is that i have to somehow move a copy of the camera and use that for the viewportframe


Not sure if this is off-topic, but I think those of you making Tardis and security cameras and stuff should make a feature request for being able to display a certain camera in a GUI instead of using these. I think ViewportFrames are more geared towards thumbnails. We should get something even better for displaying entire scenes and stuff like that.


Don’t fully understand what you’re saying. This is pretty much geared towards camera manipulation, which is exactly needed for security cameras and tardis’s alike.


I’m saying that viewportframes don’t seem like they were intended for such a use. They seem like they’re meant to display simple little things like thumbnails.

I think that if we asked for something specifically for displaying the view of a camera in workspace in a GUI Roblox would probably deliver.

Or maybe that is what they plan to do with Viewportframes in the future?


Why would they make this for 1 purpose only? When the possibilities it gave expanded to numerous purposes?


I don’t think they made it for one purpose, I just think that’s mainly what they had in mind:

This object enables you to display 3D objects within 2D UI – particularly useful for things like in-game stores, 3D previews, modeling plugins, and much more

I also feel like they said somewhere in the thread that it wasn’t intended for custom viewports or something.

Not that there’s anything wrong with using it that way at all! It’s very cool. I just think that if Roblox doesn’t intend to support such a use with these then we should definitely get an official way for that. :slight_smile:


Yeah, it would def. be better to have an easier way to show another cameras viewport without having to replicate everything



You have to make a billboard gui, then you set the size of the Viewport frame to the size of the viewport, then you set the position to 0.5, 0.5 (scale) and take away the size of the viewport/2 (in offset), then you’ll have yourself a nice looking door effect as seen here, at least thats my way of doing it


Could you do it better by making it a surface gui, then having the ViewportFrame Camera updated on renderstepped to follow the players camera relative to the tardis?


Is this still in beta?